5 Best Practices for Identity & Access Management Success

In today’s digital business, applications support transactions; and those transactions are what enable successful digital business. Successful organizations today desire an innovative, comprehensive approach to security providing the appropriate level of access to every authorized user from any device. The answer as to how is…trust. Trust must be built between users & organizations, which is not often the easiest thing to achieve. Organizations should be starting that relationship but are often faced with obstacles that include perfecting the user experience, understanding how to centralize security tools, and finding security solutions that scale; all while making sure operational costs are kept low. Here are some topics to consider in your strategy to help simplify your identity and access management challenges.

Performance Monitoring for Your Critical Path Access Management Service – In today’s digital world, organizations must open up their data and applications to partners, developers, mobile apps, cloud services, and more. This trend, or fact of the matter, does not have to be such a daunting task to overcome. With the right solution partner, you can rid the worry of challenges related to critical security, performance management and data adoption challenges – making information sharing safe, reliable, and cost-effective for organizations.

You should be integrating performance monitoring (via secure APIs) with a single sign-on solution as the authentication layer so users can navigate freely throughout the console and registered data sources without a friction-filled experience. The single sign-on solution should also have the ability to support external authentication to allow for a consistent authentication scheme, enterprise-wide. For more on this, read here.

Deployment At the Speed of a *CLICK* – You must proactively protect your critical applications and information from unauthorized access, you must comply with governmental and industry regulations, and you must quickly deploy new business services to help grow the business. Doing so all while maintaining budgets and improving efficiencies can prove to be a major challenge.

The right solution partner should be helping you put together a strategic plan, to free up some time for you to focus more closely on an initial deployment. A good partner will allow you to achieve the bullets below, ensuring a speedy deployment and staff learning curve:

  • Accelerate time-to-value
  • Reduce the risk of deployment mistakes
  • Deliver achievable, custom-built implementation and test plans
  • Improve efficiency through application of best practices methodologies
  • Match features and functions to your business and security requirements and goals

Deploy Your Applications Faster with Less Overhead – The rise of mobile and cloud technologies has forced enterprises to open new channels. REST APIs are now fundamental to connecting mobile apps and cloud services with enterprise data and applications, and are key enablers of continuous integration/delivery in production.  Accessing enterprise data and applications from the cloud and from mobile devices creates novel challenges around application integration, security, service discovery, developer management, SLA enforcement and data analytics. By integrating your API management platform with your IAM solution, a lot more than just these issues are addressed. Not only does this drive agility, but it also helps with automation to save on resources and operational costs. For more information on this topic, head here.

Accelerate Audit and Compliance Corrective Actions – It’s extremely important for organizations to have the ability to kick off compliance assessment campaigns with the utmost efficiency. Certain solution providers offer solutions that make this process simple for their customers. For example, an ideal Single-Sign On implementation will have some sort of accompanying Identity Management capabilities with governance and compliance elements. This provides companies with a view of their organization, enabling them to identify any users with entitlements that are out of scope. When a solution is integrated as such, the organization can easily make adjustments and changes to keep the organization in a healthy state as it relates to audits and compliance issues.

Improve Total Cost of Ownership & Total Time to Value – Consumers and employees have different access management needs, but maintaining multiple solutions for each usually results in unnecessary costs. The right solution reduces cost of ownership by supporting traditional web applications, identity federation standards and web services, all from a single, integrated high-performance platform.

About the author

Mitchell Muro is based out of Broadcom's San Jose office in California and is a Product Marketing Engineer for Layer7 SiteMinder. Mitchell has years of experience in authentication and e-commerce making him a thought leader in the space.