Louisiana Transforms State Gov for the Digital Era

How the state streamlined digital services for its residents

The State of Louisiana is breaking stereotypes around government agencies and outdated technology as they transform their IT systems to provide customers with the digital experience they expect.

The team at the State of Louisiana understands that interacting with government systems should be intuitive, informative and easy. That’s why the State of Louisiana created an IT architecture that will anticipate the technologies of tomorrow while addressing constituents’ needs today.

“We have to ensure that what we build today is not around the technology and needs of today, but what we are projecting the needs of tomorrow to be,” says Mike Allison, CTO at the State of Louisiana. “We’d like to look at how the industry is approaching Internet browsers, how the industry is approaching tablets. We need to take that same approach and create technology that is easy-to-use and intuitive for our constituents and our customers.”

One Person, One Password

The State of Louisiana, which serves more than 4 million citizens, took a challenge around an outdated system and created the opportunity to establish a foundation for citizen services.

The need to improve and transform a dated Medicare and Medicaid enrollment system turned into an opportunity to change the way software was developed. Instead of creating a monolithic application, the team decided to embrace the application economy and design a new service-oriented system that could accommodate a broad range of citizen services.

“I don’t think a lot of people have a great experience when they’re working with the government,” says Matthew Vince, Chief Design Officer at the State of Louisiana. “So currently, if you’re a citizen and you interact with, let’s say, the office of motor vehicles or tax or really any of our other services, it’s a different ID, it’s a different account and the data is not shared, so your experience as a customer is fragmented.”

The team quickly realized a fragmented customer experience is not acceptable in the application economy. The State of Louisiana did not want citizens to have to remember separate passwords for every service provided by the state, so they created a central platform that all agencies could share. Each citizen will use a single identity and password to access services.

Like the State of Louisiana, many governments are taking services online to provide 24-7 access and better service at lower cost—while also optimizing the experience for the end user. And to inspire others, the IT team in Louisiana published the architecture. This type of digital transformation is reshaping the image of government as a model for bureaucracy to government as a center for innovation.

Watch the full interview with Vince and Allison at the State of Louisiana here or on YouTube.


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